Tiffany Brooks

MY DOUBLE LIFE, where If you have not already figured it out, I am THAT GIRL from HGTV. Yes, on top of being a wife, mom, and running a successful design business in the chicago burbs, I also lead a “Double Life” as one of HGTV’s hosts and designers. After winning the most recent season of Design Star, I have proudly collected several shows under my television belt, including my own; “Most Embarrassing Rooms In America”. Make sure you stop by my section and can see all of my video clips, articles, and ambushes!
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Talk about a labor of love! This summer I worked with my peeps at HGTV to produce an 8 part video series on how small changes to the spaces you use everyday, can make a huge impact on your life. In this series, I have turned misused closets into mudrooms, taken a normal bath and given it a spa feel, even showcased how to turn your very own bedroom into a boutique hotel! All in all, your girl has been quite busy! I hope you all are inspired by these webisodes to make those small changes in your home that will ultimitately maximize the functionality and the up the style factor.
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Some people have rooms in desperate need of a makeover, but only a few lucky homeowners have rooms so bad that they would be categorized as The Most Embarrassing Rooms in America! I set out to find America’s most outrageously ugly rooms. From kitchens to great rooms, living rooms to bedrooms, we’ll search high and low to find the worst of the worst across the nation. Helping our host every step of the way will be carpenter Jeff Devlin. Over the course of one amazing week, Jeff and I will magically transform an embarrassing room into one of this country’s most eye-popping spaces! VIA HGTV


Rachel of WGN’s Bring it Home Chicago attempts to duplicate one of my creations for less.
I created a colorful kids’ bedroom in the city. Jewel tones, a gallery wall, furniture fit for
little folks and kid-friendly touches complete the look.
TV And Video Clips June 27, 2019