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Happy Memorial Day & My Patio Before and After

Since Memorial Day + a Busted Patio = Redesign!

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Instant Room. Inspired by designer Christina Sullivan Roughan.

I fell in love with the subtle eclecticism of this dining room and had to attempt to recreate it using mostly big box retail resources making it attainable and more affordable.

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COLOR ALERT! YELLOW. canary. lemon. citrine. YELLOW. citron. flaxen. yellow. mustard. saffron. YELLOW.

I am really feeling this color right now…

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Free Room Design. Instant Room* Under $2500!!!

Fresh off my yellow kick, I made a visit to IKEA. All of us have walked through IKEA, and marveled on how they put a room together for under a certain price. We think to ourselves, “I can afford that!”  We have taken those little 3 inch

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