This topic is so controversial – at least in my little design world. Is it a Do or a Don’t Placing your bed in front of a window? Let me know if you are a fan of it or not.








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I can think of 101 reasons why we should position our beds up against the windows, well maybe only a couple but, I think it is a total DO!

Its perfect for spaces with more than one window wall, freeing up the solid wall for a dresser, chest, seating arrangement, etc. The window – especially with gorgeous drapes is a great way to anchor the bed, and finally if it is styled right it will add enough drama making it not look like an accident!

So my peoples what do you think? Is this a DO or DON’T?

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  1. I can’t say that I favor a bed in front of a window, but I couldn’t oppose if a situation dictated. Especially with your round up of tastefully decorated bedroom retreats. The right window treatments could help with the nuances –light and climate.

  2. We just had to make this decision two months ago. It was a no for us, but I think if the headboard is going to allow for light, then it can be a viable option.

  3. I can see our bed in front of our windows. Now I wanna do it.

  4. Definitely a DO!!