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Look For Tiffany Brooks of YAY Decor in this Article by Interior Design Pro

There is a common denominator in most homes and apartments; a space that welcomes guests and entertains the family. Whether you prefer to call it a Front Room, a Family Room – or back in the early 1900’s, a Parlor – the Living Room is generally a standard area

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What about Yellow?

Next to purple, yellow is the most difficult shade to use in interior design. Psychologically it is the hardest color to look at, and somehow confused the brain. It is difficult to match with the rest of the house, children cry more when they see it, and

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The Fabulous Mr. Adler

He is my hero of the day! Today I am scouting pieces for a very eclectic anything goes couple in the Evanston, IL area. I came across these pieces by this genius of a sculptor, Jonathan Adler…. Jonathan Adler-> Wow, I love designers who have a natural

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Can we talk about the 6ft Rhino in the room?

OK, I am a new blogger but, I definitely have enough experience in design to know that eclectic with class is huge. With this sculpture, it would add that eclectic twist to any decor. This piece is by Lamberty in London. It is on sale for $8700.00!

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