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A Bit Of An Icon. The Pump Room. Then and Now.

I love the 30’s to 40’s art deco era, as far as the fashion, old Paris, Art Deco lighing, Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights…ok the last one was a stretch. But seriously the ward Swag was invented in the 40’s. You could not visit the grocery store with out tassels and a cloche!

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The 80’s Called….and they want their stuff back!

Okay, I absolutely love the 80’s the style, the music, the late great Gary Coleman. However, some of these things should have stayed there….
Your house seriously needs a YAY make over if you still live with some of these key 80’s pieces….
Thanks to Ugly House photos for providing a lot of these images!

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This genius of a sculptor, Jonathan Adler….And Barbies house.

 I had one all of us girls, (and some boys) did. Mine was the A frame yellow and orange 3 foot one. Barbie had six rooms, a balcony, kithchen, and flower boxes in the front yard. She also had a pool with a slide a shower and

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DOMINO MAG. an icon resurrected.

  Good Gracious! MARCH! The last time I posted? I am sorry? You and Your Decor has been busy making this world of ours a more esthetically pleasing place to live in. We have also have totally cleaned out our design office and made it more FUNCTIONAL!

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