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#ADULTING – 6 Tips For Your Home When “They” Return to School

It’s been awhile. Life has tackled me and has had me in a head lock for about a year now. Not a bad headlock, but kinda like when your crush is playfully giving you a noggie headlock – and he happens to smell good.

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Our Sexiest Bedroom Yet. Before & After

Not to many things to say about this one. I take that back… I want to say; Oh my damn! I am giving you, my dear readers, the first looks at a fabulous bedroom transformation we just completed in the Far North Chicago Suburbs. Here we go…. This all

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Happy Memorial Day & My Patio Before and After

Since Memorial Day + a Busted Patio = Redesign!

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A Bit Of An Icon. The Pump Room. Then and Now.

I love the 30’s to 40’s art deco era, as far as the fashion, old Paris, Art Deco lighing, Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights…ok the last one was a stretch. But seriously the ward Swag was invented in the 40’s. You could not visit the grocery store with out tassels and a cloche!

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Room Inspiration. See This Rainbow. Color To Inspire.

I wanted to share a RAINBOW some of my favorite spaces I have tagged over time.

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Sunday Design Inspiration. See This Room.

Good Morning All,
Here is a little Design Inspiration. Have a wonderful day!

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Dining Room Inspiration. Photo of the Day

I am stuck on dining spaces this week. Searching for ways to mix it up…

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Monday Inspiration. Ashley Stark. Rocks Her Manhattan Apartment.

The creative director Ashley Stark, of the Empire- Stark, that bears her last name, designed this fabulous apartment in Manhattan. I found these images on Elle Decor this morning. (I read these pages like others read the Tribune!)

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See it. Farrow and Ball. New Upper East Side Showroom.

OK. Talk about HAUTEness! How they got a permit to wallpaper the outside of a building is beyond me.

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Atlanta Show House by Jimmy Stanton.

Happy Friday All! I was flipping through the online version of Atlanta Homes and fell in love with this space. This house is literally at peace with itself through its color palette. I pray for such restraint when working with my clients, however God has not yet blessed me with the ability NOT to use a saturated color or wallpaper in any of my rooms that I style!

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