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Instant Room. Under $3500!

Todays instant room is inspired by Mary McDonalds guest house. I have swooned over this space since I first saw it in Domino Mag. Its girly, functional, and perfect for entertaining. I estimate this room to be at least 30K. Mine, under $3500!

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Instant Room Inspired By Jan Showers

Instant Room. Inspired By Mega Designer Jan Showers. I posted this room a couple of Sundays ago as inspiration to my room board this week: ^Here is my sketch^ Here is what I used: Obviously not in logical order – But anyone who has ever had a

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Instant Room. Inspired By Mega Designer Jan Showers.

I posted this room on Sunday as inspiration to an instant room board this week: The superstar…(The Paint)

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Instant Room. Plans for an Outdoor Chicago Area Rooftop/Patio Space.

Since we are finally showing signs of summer here in the midwest, I recently finished freshening up my own outdoor space. I was inspired (and hired) to add some personality to my previous clients’ outdoor patio. This is a huge 19 x18 roof top space. The client loved the idea board and let me share the 9 elements I am using to pump some personality into his outdoor space.

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White Haute. An Inspired Bedroom.

ife is stressful. We all need a place to settle and exhale. I find that a monochromatic scheme in a room, is often full of one emotion or more ever calming.

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Instant Room. Inspired by designer Christina Sullivan Roughan.

I fell in love with the subtle eclecticism of this dining room and had to attempt to recreate it using mostly big box retail resources making it attainable and more affordable.

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Free Room Design. Instant Room* Under $2500!!!

Fresh off my yellow kick, I made a visit to IKEA. All of us have walked through IKEA, and marveled on how they put a room together for under a certain price. We think to ourselves, “I can afford that!”  We have taken those little 3 inch

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