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A Kiss of RED.

A Kiss of Red

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Ring in the New Year….At Home.

Hubby and I hardly ever go out on New Years Eve. Since our son was born, I have become a fan of get-togethers. I have scouted a list of preparations that you can take, if you happen to be hosting this New Year’s Eve at home.

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Getting (Myself) In the Holiday Spirit. A Re-Post.

This year, I am having the toughest time getting into the Holiday Mood! I have tried eggnog, Christmas Music, going to see decorations…. I even decorated a store window, especially for the holiday season. Maybe this blog post will help.

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Horrible Holiday Decorations! Tacky light Tickets Issued

Okay, so everyone who knows me, knows, the one thing about the holidays that I cannot stand is the decorating. It is so cliche. Red and green this with gold that, inflatable Santas, and candy canes everywhere, ick. So, I could in no way advise how to

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