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My Gift to you. An eBook. An Interior Designer’s Favorite Paint Colors & Guide.

The number one question that interiors designers get asked: “What color should I paint my home?” Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you decipher your color personality, gain access to a designer’s favorite Paint color schemes and see them in action. ALL FOR FREE!

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A Kiss of RED.

A Kiss of Red

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Monochromatic. Its More Than Meets the Eye.

I have officially fallen in love with a monochromatic scheme. In a monochromatic scheme, you actually have to think about texture, and patterns, and how they are playing with each other in the spaces.

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White Haute. An Inspired Bedroom.

ife is stressful. We all need a place to settle and exhale. I find that a monochromatic scheme in a room, is often full of one emotion or more ever calming.

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COLOR ALERT! YELLOW. canary. lemon. citrine. YELLOW. citron. flaxen. yellow. mustard. saffron. YELLOW.

I am really feeling this color right now…

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What about Yellow?

Next to purple, yellow is the most difficult shade to use in interior design. Psychologically it is the hardest color to look at, and somehow confused the brain. It is difficult to match with the rest of the house, children cry more when they see it, and

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