The Four Panel Bed. Make Over Your Bed Affordably.

Anyone who know me, knows I will follow the infamous Mary McDonald to the ends of the earth. I dig her style in design, I read her interviews, and I have her book front and center in my library. All the admiration aside, I first and foremost study her tricks in her designs. One of which is the Four PANEL Bed.
This would replace the classic four poster bed. And can affordably re-invent your current bedroom; using just a great seamstress, wonderful fabric and a weekend.
four panel bed - mary mc Donnald Four panel bed Mary McDonald Mary McDonald2
“Attaching a valance to the ceiling is a little trick I use when people don’t have a four-poster bed and the ceiling isn’t super-high. The panels you see here are mounted to the ceiling, so gravity is the frame. And if your ceiling isn’t extremely high, the effect will be perfect — it will make the room feel much taller.”
-Mary McDonald via Veranda. 
all designs by Mary McDonald.
What do you think about the Four Panel Beds. Is it a good option for an updated four poster bed?
Many Blessings!
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